Up Up & Away!

Happy Friday, everyone! I had all good intent to do a full length Friday Favorites, but I ended up in bed by 9pm last night…whoops. But it was glorious. :-)


My first and only favorite for today…is the fact that in a few hours I’ll be on a plane to here:


To spend some time with these folks I get to call family:


Peace out lovelies! I may stop in a time or 2 next week with brief updates, but aside from that, I’ll be soaking up my vacation time with my favorites. Have a great weekend!

Thoughts For Thursday

I’m at a loss for an intro, so let’s get right to Thinking Out Loud, shall we?!


  • Tomorrow can’t get here soon enough! Peter Island, we’re coming for ya!


  • That pedicure I mentioned yesterday? A-mazing. My feet are ready to play on the beach!
  • Have you seen This video by Weird Al? I love it. Maybe more so than the original.
  • The other night I made Iowa Girl Eats Sun-dried tomato & basil stuffed chicken breasts. These are my new favorite! I mean, check out that ooey gooey cheesy center!
  • I have my reading material all set for vacation – Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix, The Fault in our Stars, and The Hunger Games. I’ve already read HP & The Hunger Games but they’re just so so good, so we’ll see which ones I get around to! Any other book recommendations I need?
  • Max found his new favorite stick…I think it’s just a liiiitle bit big for ya buddy! But who am I to say so? He’s obviously in doggy heaven.
  • Adam and I redboxed Heaven is For Real the other night – eh, it was just okay. I read the book and loved it, but I felt like the movie skipped so much of the book and didn’t flow together. Another one where proof that the book is always better than the movie! Anyone else seen it?
  • I forgot to mention it a while back, but back at the beginning of July when Dave Coulier from Full House got married, and I saw Candace Cameron Bure’s photo on instagram (yep, I follow her. Unashamed.) I was thissssssss close to driving out to Livingston to do some creeping since it was only about 2 hours away! AH so close. :-)



  • I got my 2nd Fabletics (referral link) outfit a couple weeks ago. More details to come soon, but I think I love this outfit more than my first! Have you signed up yet? You get 50% off your first order, and that’s a crazy good deal!
  • Back to the topic of vacation (if you can’t tell I’m excited…) – Whenever my family gets together we always have a Bunko night, and it’s the most fun game ever. Especially when you’re playing with a huge group, and with everyone on my side of the fam coming there will be I think 23 of us total (dang!). Not to mention how my family gets super competitive, so you can only imagine the madness that is to happen! Muhaha!
  • Speaking of games, I bought the first expansion pack to Cards Against Humanity. It’s going to be epic!

That wraps up thinking out loud for today. Catch you all tomorrow!

What books do you recommend?
Are you a fan of Full House?
Have you ever played Cards Against Humanity?