A Cheesy Surprise, Fabrics, and Cocoa Puffs

Good morning all! Goodness, can you believe there are only 11 more days left in August? Where has this month (heck, this whole summer) gone?! It’s bittersweet, because I’m definitely ready for boots and leggings weather, but I’m not so ready for the days to get shorter and shorter. Goodbye sun…it was nice knowing you.

Since it’s Thursday, let’s grab some coffee, enjoy this cool morning breeze, and chat about all things random.


  • Yesterday I received a fun package on behalf of Annie’s and the lovely Courtney. I won a giveaway on her blog, and all I can say is it’s perfect timing! If you remember yesterday I mentioned finding foods are still challenging in my pregnancy at the moment, but luckily, mac & cheese is on the A-Okay list!
  • About 3 or so weeks ago I ordered a Kari Jobe piano songbook, and I finally just got it! Truth be told, it’s been years since I’ve really gotten new piano music and therefore had to sight-read. I definitely have some work to do!
  • I’m in the process of reupholstering my dining room chairs and am debating between 3 fabrics. Which do you like best? Number 1
    Number 2
    or number 3? Help!
  • In yesterday’s pregnancy post I said that there wasn’t anything I was really craving yet. Well, I realized that’s a lie…Sonic strawberry limeaide is my jam.
    Oh, and I can’t forget my nighttime bowl of cocoa puffs…which I haven’t had cocoa puffs in years. Oh how I missed it’s sugary gonna-give-me-diabetes goodness! Baby wants what it wants… :-)
  • Up until I found out Baby Squishy (that’s what we’ve been calling it) was on the way, I had intentions of auditioning for the local production of Mary Poppins. Welllll, I don’t think that’s happening anymore. I suppose I still could audition, but it shows in December, and I’ll have a pretty decent baby bump by then. So even though I’d so loooooove to be a part of it, I’m mostly leaning toward not gonna happen…but we shall see!
    Mary Poppins
  • These 2. I just love them. They’re becoming best buds.
  • I found some Montana local ice cream at Walmart and saw this flavor, and just had to give it a try. Holy. Yum! If you’re a MT local, definitely give Wilcoxson’s a try!
    Ice Cream
  • I finally picked up Allegiant (the 3rd book of the Divergent series) from the library. I’ve been dying to find out how it ends! I have hopes to start and finish it this weekend!

I’m out for the day. I’ll catch you all tomorrow!

Which fabric above do you like best?
What’s your favorite sugary cereal?
What’s your favorite broadway show?

Pregnancy – Week 9

First of all, I’d like to wish my oldest sister a very happy happy birthday!! Her birthday was yesterday, but since I missed a post, I’m shouting her out today. Love you Jen!

tori and adam-670

Second, thank you guys for your sweet words on our pregnancy announcement, and for those of you friends on facebook (and life, in general of course), thank you for your kind words there too! We appreciate all the love and support. :-)

I do plan on doing weekly updates so you all can stay updated. But before that, let me tell you how I actually found out I was pregnant.

Lets rewind a bit. Most of you frequent readers know that about a year ago I was struggling with HA. So in order to try to regain my cycles in hopes of starting a family someday, I made the difficult decision to take an extended break from exercise, and purposely put on some weight. After *quite* a bit of patience, multiple highs and lows, and a few tears, my favorite aunt paid me a visit after being gone for 11 months. I couldn’t have been happier. That is, until fast forward 28 days and no signs of an encore.

30 days…nothing. 35, nada. 40, c’mon! I knew it would take a while for my body to get back to total normalness, but I was getting a liiiitle bit impatient. Remember that Friday morning I left for vacation to the BVI? Well, that marked day 62. So I thought just to reassure me of what I already knew (that I still needed to be more patient) I took a home pregnancy test, and I can tell you that my mind was blown when to my surprise…I saw a positive. WHAT.

I always hoped of taking a test on my own and surprising Adam in a fun way, especially for our 1st kiddo. However, considering we were leaving the country in a few hours…I thought it would be best to tell Adam and go to the doctor to make sure.

Me: Uhhhh, hun, will you come in here for a sec?
Adam: Why?
Me: Uhh, just do it. (shows Adam the test)
(both in a bit of a state of shock)
Me: Man…does this mean no pina coladas on the trip?!

That’s about how it went down. :-) So this whole time I thought my body was still messed up, and turns out we just got extremely lucky after just one cycle. (Side note: based off of my last cycle the doctors estimated my due date, however, once our first ultrasound was done – it was off by 2 weeks, pushing the due date back. Meaning that my body wasn’t in a normal routine yet and was still figuring how to function without birth control, but like I said, we got lucky! Definitely wasn’t expecting things to happen so quickly.)

Week 9fix

(sorry for the dirty, nasty mirror selfie picture. from now on I’ll have Adam take them in a prettier spot :-) )

How far along: 9 weeks. Still looking pretty normal, nothing noticeable yet.

Baby’s size: about the size of a grape

Symptoms: Tired, lots of nausea, and feeling like I can cry at the drop of a pin. I can also say this morning is the first morning I’ve actually needed the toilet (well, technically first it was the trash can) – let’s hope it’s the last too!

Workouts: Mostly just walking and yoga at the moment. But since it’s been months since I’ve actually worked out, I am slowly starting to add back in some light jogging and body weight exercises.

Rings on or off: On!

Food aversions: Almost everything, still. But mostly:

  • chicken
  • yogurt
  • watermelon
  • vegetables
  • bananas (gasp!)
  • peanut butter (double gasp!)

Food cravings: Nothing that I’m really craving yet, but things that don’t make me sick are:

  • mac & cheese
  • grilled cheese
  • string cheese
  • soft pretzel with cheese
  • egg/cheese/avocado sandwiches (can you see a cheese trend happening?)
  • steak
  • pizza
  • movie theater popcorn
  • McDonald’s soft serve

Maternity Clothes: Still wearing my regular ones, however, I have a feeling that’s going to change in just a couple weeks. I mean, have you seen what I’ve been eating? :-)

Sleep: Ha! Not good…Since nothing really appeals to me at dinnertime (when my nausea is worst – why do they call it morning sickness?) I’m pretty much going to bed hungry, so lately I’ve been waking up around 3 starving.

Gender: No idea!

Baby items purchased: Nada yet, first things first…and that would be getting boxes and crap outta the nursery. :-)

Missing: Not gonna lie, I coulda used a Mike’s hard lemonade or a Smirnoff on these hot summer days. Oh, and especially pina coladas on our beach vacation.

Looking forward to: Cleaning up the nursery, and hearing the baby’s heartbeat at our next appointment!

That’s a wrap for today. I’ll catch y’all later! Happy hump day!

What’s your favorite summertime drink? As stated above, I love my Mikes and Smirnoff.
Favorite beach drink? Pina coladas, baby!

Do You Want To Know A Secret?

Happy Monday, folks! Did you have a good weekend? Ours around here was pretty uneventful. But I do have something to say…do you wanna know a secret?

I’ve been slacking on my blog posts for the past few weeks, and feeling a little absent from the blog world.

I’ve been a lot more tired, and taking a lot of naps.

I’ve been too lazy and/or sick to make dinners.

I gave up coffee.

I feel nauseous all the time.

Vegetables make me gag lately.

I’ve been living off of carbs and cheese.

And now I can tell you why…

Baby Announcement2

We’re expecting a sweet, little mouse to join our family come March 2015. You could say life is pretty Marvelous right now. :-)